Whole summer black truffle in brine

Whole summer black truffle in brine


pickled truffle
Seasoning for first and second courses

Discover the best-kept secret of Italian gourmet cuisine with our pickled truffle, a true culinary gem that embodies the luxury and elegance of the Italian woods. Harvested with care, by us, in our own soils, each truffle is a work of nature’s art. Soaked in a delicate brine that preserves its aroma and freshness, this gastronomic treasure is revealed on the palate with an intense and enveloping taste that is simply irresistible. Show off your culinary talents by adding thin slices of this pickled truffle to your favorite dishes. Its aromatic complexity makes it perfect for enriching fresh pasta, creamy risottos, gourmet salads or simply to enhance the flavor of a meat or fish dish. Each brine truffle is a promise of quality and authenticity, guaranteed by our dedication to offering only the best products to our customers.

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  • Brine 33%
  • Summer black truffle (66.6%)
  • Aroma

Once opened store in the refrigerator and consume within a few days

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40 gr.


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