Pear and Black Truffle Jam

Pear and Black Truffle Jam


Truffle jam to pair with cheese in aperitifs or at the end of a meal

Discover the harmonious fusion of fruity sweetness and intense flavor with our exclusive pear and truffle jam, a culinary work that enchants the senses and delights the palate. Made with ripe, juicy pears from our small orchard and fresh, high-quality truffles, each spoonful of this jam offers an extraordinary culinary experience, where the enveloping sweetness of the pears combines with the intense aroma of the truffle in a symphony of complex and satisfying flavors. The enveloping aroma of the truffle delicately blends with the softness and sweetness of the pears, creating a unique and refined flavor profile that stands out for its elegance and complexity. Versatile and indulgent, our jam is perfect for enjoying in a thousand ways. Spread generously on slices of toast for a gourmet breakfast, pair it with aged cheeses for a sophisticated appetizer, or for an important aperitif where nature takes center stage.

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  • Pear
  • Sugar
  • Lemon juice
  • Black hooked truffle (tuber uncinatum) and summer black truffle (tuber aestivum) 6.5 percent
  • Flavors
  • Cornstarch
Nutritional Values per 100 gr.
K cal. 394
Kj 1647
Fats 0.24 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0.06 g
Carbohydrates 34.9 g
of which Sugars 33.8 g
Protein 0.56 g
Fiber 0.24 g
Halls 0.00 gr

Once opened store in the refrigerator and consume within a few days

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40 gr., 100 gr., 200 g.


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